Visual Studio2008 Themes

If you are also fond of changing the look and feel of Visual Studio using cools themes, here is some cool links for you –

1. A list of Cool themes in Scott Hanselman’s blog
2. Dark Visual Studio
3. ZenBurn-based Visual Studio 2005 theme supporting HTML,CSS and XML
4. Join the Dark Side of Visual Studio by Dave Reed
5. TextMate Theme For Visual Studio, Take 2 Tags:

How to change your Visual Studio 2008 Theme –

1. Changing your colors in Visual Studio.NET – Black versus White By Scott Hanselman
2. Dark Visual Studio – By Brad Wilson
3. Pimp MY IDE by Jeff Atwood
4. Code Colorizing and readability by Jeff Atwood

Download LInks –

1. Download Jeff’s scheme
2. Download “Zenburn” scheme
3. OrenEllenbogen_DarkSchema.rar (58 KB)
4. Is You IDE HOT or Not?

How to change your themes :

Step – 1 : Click on the Import And Export Settings :


Step -2:  Select Import Selected Environment settings and click on Next



Step -3: You get the option to save your current setting. I would suggest to save it.


Step-4: Click Browse and select the *.vssettings file and click Next –


Step-5: Check the boxes the setting you want to change and click finish. You are done with you brand new theme.



If any error occurs or you dont feel like using your new theme, you can always get back to your old setting by getting upto Step4 and setting your themes to import is the one you saved in step – 3 –



And you also have the option to reset all the settings [Step-1].

Have fun with the themes.


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