Importance of Global Software Development

Global Software Development (GSD) is increasingly becoming the norm of software development, which is facilitated by state-of-art information and communication technology (ICT), with the primary goal of rationalizing this development. Hence, it is also a tremendously growing field of research over last decades. Herbsleb and Moitra [1] have identified following imperatives that are the driving force of this field.

  • Capitalization of the talent pool and resource usage whenever needed,
  • Business advantages of the new markets, 
  • Quick formation of virtual teams to capitalize market needs, 
  • Improvement of time-to-market by utilizing “around-the-clock” development, 
  • Flexibility to capitalize on merger and acquisition opportunities globally.

Additionally, implementation GSD is difficult [1, 2, 3, 4] because of its different inherent problems. Herbsleb and Moitra outline the major dimension of problems in GSD as follows[1].

  • Strategic issues: determination of project that are disjoint architecturally, as much as possible. 
  • Cultural issues: realizing and acknowledging different cultural differences. 
  • Inadequate communication and knowledge management. 
  • Project and process management issues: synchronizing between project and product management deadlines. 
  • Technical and infrastructural issues.


[1] J. D. Herbsleb and D. Moitra, “Global software development,” IEEE Software, vol. 18(2), pp. 6-20, 2001.

[2] R. Sangwan, et al., Global Software Development Handbook (Auerbach Series on Applied Software Engineering Series): Auerbach Publications, 2006.

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[4] E. Carmel and R. Agarwal, “Tactical approaches for alleviating distance in global software development,” IEEE Software, vol. 1(2), pp. 22-29, 2001.


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