TUDelft | Lectures of Model-Driven Software Development Course

The following lectures on Model-Driven Software Development(MDSD) are given by Dr. Eelco Visser at Tudelft in IN4308 course. To get the basic idea of MDSD and motivation behind it , please go through these lectures .

Lecture : Guest Lecture by Zef Hemel about Mobl: A Mobile Web DSL & Internal DSLs

For more on MOBL ( a cool DSL for developing mobile application ), please visit http://www.mobl-lang.org/.

Lecture 11 : Extension and Evolution

I hope these lectures helped to grab the notion of MDSD paradigm and how it aims to improve the quality of software development by abstracting the problem domain and hiding unnecessary details. Accoridng to the history of computation it is evident that abstraction is always necessary to tackle the ever-increasing complexity of our surroundings.

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