x += x++

This is part of my ‘things that I do in the empty spaces between one meeting and the next one, which might end up being vaguely interesting’. It is a lambda expression parser.

The full source code is here.

I actually have two versions of it: one written longhand and the other one written with FParsec. Just to be clear: I’m no expert of either.

And just to be more clear: I think writing most parsers longhand in the way I am about to show is crazy. You either use FParsec or  fslex / fsyacc.

I have a strong distaste for additional compilation steps. I think it lingers on from MFC project types of 15/20 years ago. I was one of these crazy folks that would generate the project, wrap the generated code (with some generalizations) in my own library and use that one from then on.

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