Howard Mansell on F# Type Providers and the R Programming Language

In the following podcast, Howard Mansell talks about F# type provider and R programming language, which can be summarized as:

“F# 3.0 introduces an exciting and innovative new programming language feature – Type Providers. This functionality allows types that are dynamically generated during development to be used in statically typed code, bringing many of the benefits of dynamic languages to statically typed languages, without sacrificing the safety of static typing.

At BlueMountain, Howard has built and open-sourced a type provider that allows the functionality of the open-source R statistical package to be used from F# in a very fluid manner. This brings the broadest suite of statistical functionality available on any platform to F#. Howard introduces type providers and their (hitherto unexplored) uses for cross-language meta-programming. He also discusses some of the difficulties of bridging the strong static typing of F# with the loose dynamic typing of R” [1].




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