Scala Hacking: Computing Powerset

Given a set represented as a String, we can compute its powerset using foldLeft, as shown below.

def powerset(s: String) =
s.foldLeft(Set("")) {
case (acc, x) => acc ++ + x)
view raw powerset.scala hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Isn’t this approach quite concise and elegant? Following snippet shows a pretty-printed output from powerset for a set: "abc".

scala> powerset("abc").toList sortWith ( _ < _) mkString "\n"

res3: String = "
| a
| ab
| abc
| ac
| b
| bc
| c"

Following is a F# implementation of this same function.

let powerset (s:string): Set<string> =
|> Array.fold(
fun (acc: Set<string>) x -> acc + ( y -> x.ToString()+y) acc)
) (Set.empty.Add(""))
view raw powerset.fs hosted with ❤ by GitHub

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