Certificate of #ProgFun of @Coursera

Yay! Finally, I have received the certificate of Functional Programming Principles in Scala course. Thanks @coursera! It has been a great pleasure, and I look forward to the future courses (e.g., Discrete Optimization).

progfun certificate

In a previous post, I remember mentioning how awesome this course is, and how much I have enjoyed this course, and looking forward to the next advanced course in this topic. It’s great to know that around 70% students ‘Absolutely’ share the same feeling. So, prof. @oderskey, please hurry up. We are waiting!

Once again, thanks prof. @oderskey and his team for this excellent course.


Windows Live Messenger in your Web Page

We can add Windows Live Messenger in our web page now so that any one can send us IM when we are online. Its seems to me a very interesting feature for my blog . Following steps can lead to add Windows Live Messenger to your web page –
2. Create you desired Live Messenger Box or we can use Button or Status Icon as well.
3. Copy the generated HTML and paste it to our web page.

Done. Isn’t it simple. Click here to chat with me.