Retrospective of #ProgFun

Yay! Just finished Functional Programming Principles in Scala (with 100% score :D) instructed by Prof. Martin Odersky et al, at Coursera. It has been an excellent experience due to its great content, amazing teacher, and interesting assignments (e.g., implementing a solver for Bloxorz).

This course focuses on providing a deeper understanding of FP paradigm, and demonstrates how it excels elegantly compare to its contemporaries. Function composition, recursion, pattern matching, concepts of persistent data structures, lazy evaluation are among the few important concepts that have been emphasized and exemplified in the seven weeks of the course. The application of term-rewriting during reduction of expressions and reasoning about it, seemed simply awesome.

Overall, it has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning FP paradigm. To motivate further, note that upon successful completion, a certificate from Coursera is provided ;).

Thanks @oderskey, his team, and @coursera for this excellent course, and for this great opportunity. Looking forward to its advanced part.


Why work doesn’t happen at work –Jason Fried

Following is an interesting TED talk by Jason Fried of 37signal on why it is difficult to get any work done at work.

He argues that M&Ms (managers and meetings) are the real problem at work. How can we change that? I am certain that Jason is not suggesting to fire and cancel all M&Ms. Instead he has the following three suggestions to get more work done at office:

1 No talk Thursday. Enforce 4 hour of uninterrupted and quite time once a week.

2 Promote passive way of communication via chat and email application.

3 Just cancel the next meeting, if you have the power.

Check this podcast out to see whether you can relate it with your work environment, and improve it by promoting these suggestions. Thanks.

Solidarity with Shahbag

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”-Martin Luther King Jr.

The shahbag movement is a long-overdue protest against the war criminals of Bangladesh who were associated with the killing of around 3 million Bangladeshis and raping/torturing around 200 thousands women and children .  To demand capital punishment for the war criminals (e.g., Abdul Quader Molla) and to ban on Bangladesh’s largest Islamic party, tens of thousands talented youth have been protesting at SHAHBAGH for last 8 days.  Our only demand is to seek justice against the war criminals for their atrocities committed during the liberation war of the country in 1971. While the wikipedia page details about this historic event, the following video summarizes this dark spot of humanity.

This post is my humble tribute to the tens of thousands of people who are relentlessly protesting at SHAHBAGH. And, we will not stop until we get justice.

We, the youth of Bangladesh… all we seek JUSTICE, nothing more or nothing less…

Last but not the least, I would like to express my gratitude to all who are expressing solidarity with SHAHBAG from all over the world. Nation will never forget your contributions. Being a Bangladeshi, I have never been so proud. I am so overwhelmed that I am literally standing tall.

Solidarity with #shahbag from The Netherlands.

Recent Updates

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