Programming Challenges

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UVa Online Judge

371 Ackermann Function UVa 371. Ackermann Function
713 Adding Reversed Numbers UVa 713. Adding Reversed Numbers
10664 Luggage Uva 10664. Luggage
102 Ecological Bin Packing Uva 102. Ecological Bing Packing
100 3n+1 Problem UVa 100. The 3n+1 Problem
11727 Cross Cutting Java Solution
11172 Relational Operators Java Solution
10055 Hashmat the Brave Warrior Java Solution

Sphere Online Judge

SPOJ 24  Small factorials (FCTRL2) SPOJ 24. Small factorials (FCTRL2) with F#
SPOJ 42 Adding Reversed Numbers (ADDREV) SPOJ 42. Adding Reversed Numbers (ADDREV) with F#
SPOJ 97 Party Schedule (


SPOJ 97. Party Schedule (PARTY) with F#
SPOJ 346 Bytelandian Gold Coins (COINS) SPOJ 346. Bytelandian Gold Coins (COINS) | with Dynamic Programming and F#
SPOJ 2716 Maximal Quadrilateral Area (QUADAREA)  SPOJ 2716. Maximal Quadrilateral Area (QUADAREA) with F#
SPOJ 2906 GCD2 SPOJ 2906. GCD2 with F#
SPOJ 4073 The 3n plus 1 problem (


Collatz Problem a.k.a. 3n+1 Problem
SPOJ 6219 Edit Distance (EDIST) SPOJ 6219. Edit Distance (EDIST) with F#
SPOJ 8545 Subset Sum (Main72) SPOJ 8545. Subset Sum (Main72) | with Dynamic Programming and F#

Project Euler

EULER 01 Multiples of 3 and 5 TBD
EULER 02 Even Fibonacci numbers Euler Problem 002 with F#

Sum square difference

Project Euler 06. Sum square difference with F#

Euler 04

Largest palindrome product

Project Euler 04. Largest Palindrome Product with F#
EULER 14 Longest Collatz sequence Code

One thought on “Programming Challenges”

  1. I’m not sure you should publish solutions to Euler problems, this is against the whole idea of the Euler Project. At the same time, I love to see other’s answers and ideas (especially those using FP and f#), but they have a blog for this? Best regards, Eric.

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