WCF Security: Which Binding to use in Internet based WCF Application?


Recently I did some diving in WCF bindings to figure out which binding to use in different kinds of scenario and what are the security implications of it for a Internet Based WCF service. As WCF concerned, definitely there are loads of options and choosing the right one in the right scenario left to us to decide. I am still continuing my research for a internet based WCF service and jot down my findings in flowchart as below .Please bear in mind that this flowchart is far from complete at this moment. I will update it as I go thru different other bindings and/or scenarios:



Links to original files: Binding.gif & WCF_BINDINGS.vsd

Please do let me know if any question come up or any new ideas to update this flowchart. Thanks for visiting the blog. I will be waiting for valuable feedback.


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